Friday, March 2, 2012

Saving A Beer - Under Carbonation

It doesn't take much yeast to carbonate.
So my smoked porter was a huge let down. It didn't carbonate so the flavors were the flavors flat and dull. It had no carbonation to bring it to life. There is a reason beer isn't served still, it's better carbonated. So what can you do? Well the sugar drops I put in there are still in there somewhere. I am counting on their being enough fementable sugar that a 1/8 tsp of dry champagne yeast does the trick. The yeast must have been tapped out by the long secondary on bourbon soaked oak cubes and the higher alcohol of this beer. This is a dynamic I'll have to watch in my other beers.

Step 1: Pop the Cap
Step 2: Add the Yeast
Step 3: Recap and Agitate

This saved the beer; I had 4 undrinkable bottles of beer. If you see my original review you'll read that they were not good. With carbonation the beer was pretty good, the alcohol was still a bit too hot, the rye whisky and smoked malt really came through with carbonation. The mouthfeel was spot on. A real re-review will happen in a few months when I think the alcohol and other sharp flavors mellow a little bit.

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