Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Blackberry Pacific Gem Pale Ale

Blackberry Pacific Gem Pale Ale

Appearance: Deep red and clear, minor issue with floaties(solvable), nice head, stark white providing a good contrast. The head was taller but fell quickly as I tried to find my phone to take the picture.

Aroma: A strong scent of hops, an amalgamation of the pacific gem and black berries. The accidental dry hoping might have contributed to this.

Flavor: The blackberries provided a refreshing tartness but overall the hops were too strong, I'll dial back the hops next time. Not accidentally dry hopping might be enough so I won't dial them back much.

Mouth: Good carbonation but I want more from this beer, my vision is a spritzy mouth feel that prickles with active carbonation and citric acid from the blackberries.

Overall: A flawed beer build from a good concept. Blackberries and Beer are a good mix, I think the Pacific Gem will be a winner in this beer. I'm going to add this to the rebrew schedule and consider adding a portion of raspberries in with the blackberries to add fruity depth to the flavor, maybe 2:1. To grade this beer I'm going with a C-. The beer is good, I like it, but it's flawed, improperly dry hopped, floaties, and a touch too much hop flavor/aroma. I already have the frozen fruit for the re-brew.

Ewww... Floaties!

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