Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Brettanomyces Lambicus Pale Ale

Brettanomyces Lambicus Pale Ale

It looks the part.
Brettanomyces Lambicus Pale Ale
Appearance: Giant white head rises immediately out of the pour even chilled, It took me 3 or 4 minutes to pour the whole bottle. The body is murky yellow.

Aroma: Funky but not strongly so, this beer is still very young, it wasn't ready at 2 months.

Flavor: Meh, it was a lot like a normal beer with just a hint of funk. Certainly not the king of funk I was promised. I really think it was too young.

Mouth: Slick and sick still. Carbonation will grow over time as it bottle conditions.

Overall: Not ready yet. The Brett Lambicus contributed an earthy flavor, but no cherry pie tartness...yet. This beer is just 2 months old, I wanted to try it so that I could have a baseline for what flavors developed, how the mouth feel changed, and how the appearance changed. This is a journey of  more than a single step, sour beers take time. I have another single and 2 bombers of this beer, I'll probably attempt another tasting in May or June.

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