Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: Citra Citrus Light IPA.

Light Citrus Citra Pale Ale

Light Citrus Citra Pale Ale

Appearance: Straw yellow with a nice yellow head. The head rises from the pour and sets after a few sips, the beer is reasonably carbonated and I can see bubbles rising in the glass. Fairly clear, not quite as clear as desired but alas. The cold conditioning work fairly well.

Aroma: Light and bitter, Not too much oomph like I was expecting.

Flavor: Unexpected, It's nice but it has a touch of zesty bite on the tip of the tongue. Like licking a battery.

Mouth: really good, it's prickly with carbonation and light from having a low finishing gravity.

Overall: Interesting, the zest added a unique and prickly bitterness that sticks around in my mouth

Rating: I am going to say B/B-, the zest is odd, the flavor is quite bitter and the aromatics are not there. Not sure where this went off course. Maybe it needed to be dry hopped. I think the zests would work better in a fuller IPA with more oomph from the hops to accent the zestiness. Kyle really liked it, said it was his favorite of my beers. So I think this could be a polarizing beer with some people liking it, some hating it.

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