Monday, September 30, 2013

Sampling Sour Batch 002

Awhile ago I brewed a sour brown batch of beer for my home souring experiment. This was soured with dregs from a bottle of  Sang Noir. The time is upon me to do something with this beer so that I can continue to make make and drink sour beers. The malt bill for a sour beer is no more complicated than a conventional beer. As anyone who has read my blog before knows the secret ingredient is time. This beer has had ten months to age and it's time to see where the flavors are at and decide what if any fruit would be appropriate. The pelicle was still intact prior to my moving it, and the colonies of lactobacillus floating on the surface gave me pause that it might not be ready. Was it ready?

(Please read my sampling notes after the break.)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Auto-Brewery Syndrome

I came across this story from NPR about a man who was brewing beer in his gut. He would eat fermentable foods and then the Saccharomyces in his gut would get him drunk. Wild huh? I can't think of a worst brewing-yeast related predicament. I enjoy drinking beer because I like the flavors; truth be told I don't especially like being drunk. This man was eating pasta and getting drunk, yikes. Let this be a lesson folks, don't let the doctor accuse you of being a closet drunk just because you have a few beers now and again. If somethings not right, find a new doctor, or at least lay off the carbs.