Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Citra Red Saison

Red & White; The perfect balance.
Citra Red Saison

Appearance: Redish Yellow, Deep Copper, with a resonably sized whitish head.

Aroma: Citra hops without the punch in the face from dry hopping, not too yeasty, but still phenolic typical of a saison.

Flavor: Ahh saisony but with american hops, this is the perfect blending of america and belgium.

Mouth: Refreshing and dry. the high carbonation lifts the body, and the high attenuating saison yeast leaves the whole thing dry.

Overall: This is in my top teir of brews. If I could make this part of a rotating saison on tap in my home brew pub I would be happy. Every part of this beer is deceptive: the color of the body gives the impression of a richness that is attenuated out by the saison yeast, the aroma hides the true nature of this beer, the flavor reminds you of where the heart of this beer lies, and the overall impression is dry and saisony.

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