Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lambic Tasting and American Kriek 2013 Blend

So I finally got around to sampling the Lambics that I've made over the past two years and it was a humbling experience. I thought that I would have some tasty tart beers that were good enough to drink on their own and would blend together to form a magical concoction that I could ride to a home brew competition winner. Wrong. Two of the older lambics were undrinkable. They had an industrial solvent flavor to them. I can't imagine blending these to create anything other than paint thinner. To say that after 2 years of waiting this was devastating is a bit of an understatement. Some of the others were drinkable and I will blend bottle and age them in an attempt to get this going. 

(Please read more after the break to see what tasted okay, what I liked, and how the American Kriek came to be.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sausage, Friends, and American Independance

They say one of the things you never want to see is making sausage. I can't understand why. I have made sausage twice now and when you control what you put into it; It is nothing but meat you'd regularly eat. It's easy once you get the hang of it and learn what you are doing, and you can easily add any spices you want and make sausage to your tastes. 

Sure I made mistakes, the first time the meat wasn't nearly frozen enough and so it basically made meat paste it instead of grinding it and the the sausages didn't have the right texture. I also underestimated the spiciness from chili powder and kinda made uncomfortably spicy sausages for some members of my family, I liked it. I have invited Kyle up for American Independence Day to make and eat sausage. Two types of sausages will be eaten: Italian (pictured above), and Gyro.

(please read more after the break.)