Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kegerator Omnibus

With my keggerator 95% done I thought I'd create an omnibus kegerator post to produce more google search results because most of my google search results come from the kegerator.

In part one of my kegerator post I detailed what parts I bought from midwest supply, and best buy to convert my Fridged Air BFPH44M4LM mini fridge into a Kegerator. This stage was mostly about buying the large parts.

In part two I covered filling kegs while maintaining a CO2 pressurized environment. This didn't have as much to do with my kegerator and assembly so much as what goes into the kegerator.

In part three things began to take shape as I modified the inside of the fridge and secured my equiptment. I had proof that my fridge could hold two two kegs and when they cooled I had two beers on picnic tap for the first time. This went on for a while until I recieved a tap tower for christmas.

In part four the heavy work happened. The hole for the tower was drilled, things were attached, and everything was cleaned up. This wasn't the end of this project but was a milestone on the path to whatever this minifridge becomes.

Now that I am done I can do a final tallying of costs.

Refridgerator +   $169
Kegging Setup +    259
Tap Tower +        179
Drip Tray +         30
Misc Exp +          20
Total =           $657

Not a bad cost total over 9 months, encompasing a few gifts and a little indulgance. Having Beer in kegs was a hit at thanksgiving at Kyle's. His cousin asked me for a keg of my beer. Kegging saves a lot of time vs. bottling.

The fridge works great and functions just as well. It's the realization of a college era dream to have beer on tap in a little home bar type area within my home. Someday when I have my own home I am going to have a nice little setup in my basement.

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