Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Wet Hopped DIPA

Wet Hop DIPA

Appearance: Dark Golden/Copper, but tilting towards brown.

Aroma: HUGE hops upfront, sweet and wet captured in the beer. Wet and Citrus at once; the flower essence of centennial plays a huge roll.

Flavor: Creamy and rich malt body, with hops laid over it. The hops are prefect in their combination cascade playing off centennial and vice versa. The alcohol is well restrained and hidden under a huge huge hop flavor.

Mouth: Perfectly carbonated. The corn sugar addition likely prevented this from being too thick by keeping the final gravity restrained. The beer is satisfyingly wet while not feeling heavy or sugary, spot on.

Overall: This is seriously my best beer to date. I am giving it an A-/A. If I could change anything I would change the color to be a more appetizing yellow, and not an unappetizing brown. The aroma, flavor, and mouth feel are all spot on. I could drink a few of these and be drunk and happy. I'll be re-brewing this beer or a beer like this if I can get fresh hops again next year. As fresh hops become more available to hop headed home brewers I'll be keeping an eye on the Internet trying to buy fresh hops, otherwise I hope Sicilianos can come through for me again.

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