Friday, September 30, 2011

Kegerator 3: The Thermostat

I had a second keg in my apartment for over a week and one night I was fed up; fed up that a stupid plastic thermostat controller was in my way. The problem was no longer a lack of tools, it was no longer a lack of instructions, it was a damn probe too firmly stuck into the wall of my fridge and my fear of breaking it.

If you purchase this fridge as I did you'll immediately notice that both of your kegs will not fit into it because of the thermostat. The thermostat is held on by 2 screws one at the front which you can see, the other in the back under the light cover. As with any electrical work I would advise disconnecting the power; nothing ruins your day like being electrocuted. This may not keep you entirely safe but it is a start. Remove the screws and pull out the unit to reveal a bundle of wires and a thermostat. The thermostat is connected to the temperature probe embedded in the wall of the fridge. This is where my problems started and ended. If you ruin that probe you'll need a 60-90 dollar external thermostat. The unit can be bent out of the way easily enough and secured with tap or as I did, a rubber tether. I also taped over the wires and the hole with electrical tape hoping to keep everything contained.

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To finish this mod I also used a few 3m brand plastic hooks to secure my CO2 tank to my fridge. I did this by installing the hooks and stretching a rubber band around the cylinder. This may not secure it through an earth quake but it will secure it through random bumping and jarring.

The last step was to reconnect everything and wait for it to be ready to drink. Sweet Success. At a future point when I can afford one I'll be buying a 2 tap tower with Perlick 575SS faucets. Once I purchase it I'll mount it with instructions and a final total of the build costs. Look for that information around Christmas unless I come into some money.

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