Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Blogger: Ciceros Beer School 3/14/13

Another week, another Beer School.  This week featured two speakers, Ryan Barron, a sales rep for Glazer Distributing and Paul O'Reilly, a genuine Irishman! With this week being St. Patrick's Day and St. Louis having a rich tradition of celebrating St. Patrick's Day; as you can imagine the theme this week was Irish Beers.  Up for tasting was: Rogue Irish Lager, John Smith's Extra Smooth Ale, Murphy's Red Ale, Murphy's Stout.

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Fun fact learned tonight: 'Craic' is an Gallic term for fun, enjoyment, or general merriment.  Hearing an Irishman using Irish slang talking about Irish beer was quite entertaining.

The Beers:
Rogue Irish Lager:
Appearance: Dark Yellow and Hazy, not much head

Aroma: Citrus, the acitalted malts also gave it an apple aroma

Flavor: Citrus and Apple, some bitterness Crisp Finish

Mouthfeel: Light bodied and smooth

Overall: One of the more flavorful lagers I have had, had more flavor and bitterness than I was expecting.  Drinkable, but not as drinkable as the Kona we tried last week.  It's a Rogue ale, it's going to be an over the top flavor explosion, even if it is a lager

John Smith's Extra Smooth Ale:

Appearance: Between Amber and Brown, Thick, Very active, and Creamy head.  Hazy

Aroma: Not a very strong odor, faint bit of malts.

Flavor: Some bitterness, some malts, some chocolate. well balanced, not overpowering flavors. Slight coffee finish. Slightly bitter

Mouthfeel: Very smooth and creamy, as you would expect from a hydrogenated beer.  Smooth the whole way

Overall: Smooth and palatable Ale.  Truth be told I enjoy more flavor and carbonation in my ales.

Murphy's Red Ale:

Appearance: Deep red, bordering on amber, very active head, cleaner appearance than the Irish Lager, but still Hazy

Aroma: Some grainyness, Light Caramel

Flavor: Bitter up fron witha  smooth finish.  I got notes of toffee and caramel, the bitterness was about perfect for me. Some sweetness in the finish

Mouthfeel: Lightish body, smooth all the way through, nothing spectacular going on here.

Overall: Very enjoyable, and drinkable.  A mass market Red that anyone can enjoy. 

Murphy's Stout:

Appearance: Dark Chocolate and creamy head.  Very thick and foamy

Aroma: Not much odor, maybe a slightly roasted aroma

Flavor: A little bit of everything, a slight taste of Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate, roasted barley.  Some bitterness up front, smooth finish.

Mouthfeel:Smoooooooooooth.  Not much body at all, it's hydrogenated, so about what I expected.

Overall: A fine representation of what am Irish Style Stout can be.  Very Guinnessy, but with its own flavors, drinks very well.

Another great Beer School Experience, keep up the craic.

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