Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guest Blogger: Kyle

My bestie Kyle is sort of the reason I got into brewing beer. He unintentionally kicked my butt into gear about realizing my dream to brew. When he first started home brewing he got some beer kits and found the whole thing a chore. Brewing my first 5 gallon batch was a chore too because I didn't always know what I was doing, so I can sympathize. In the interim two years we've brewed together several times. STL Brown Town and STL Wit came from his kitchen. He has been kind enough to drink my home brewed beers and give me honest feedback even when it was hard for me to hear. He has been attending beer school and plans to start brewing small batches of beer in his new kitchen. I've asked him to begin blogging on my blog in order to bring some fresh perspective and more content. Hopefully brewing can be another brick in the foundation of our friendship and ultimately bring us closer together.

More about Kyle:
Kyle and I met at Western Michigan University. He introduced me to finer beers like Bass Ale and Guinness  This sparked my interest in expanding my palate and eventually lead me to craft beers. Eventually he graduated with a degree in printing sciences(or something like that) and moved around before settling in the brewing capital of America. On my first adventure to STL he took me to the Budweiser brewery and to Schalfaly's micro brewery. Now he's looking to brew small batches in his spare time too.

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