Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Bramble Fruit Berliner Weisse

Bramble Fruit Berliner Weisse

Appearance - Beautiful red, with a stark white head. The head rises out of the highly carbonated berliner weisse but fades into nothingness just as fast. The lacing on the glass is acceptable for a beer with as little foam as this.

Aroma - Bramble fruit, jammy, and a bit of grain.

Flavor - Berry seeds, slight sourness, light jam, and grain.

Mouth-feel - Light mouth-feel, high carbonation, slides right back in the mouth. Easy drinking.

Overall - Refreshing and light. A nice beer, the lactic bacteria stripped all of the sweetness from the berry addition, I would have liked a touch of that but I understand why it isn't present. Looked great. B effort, could re-appear later.

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