Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cranberry Blossom Mead Review

Cranberry Blossom Mead

Appearance - Almost clear with just the lightest yellow hues. Wonderful white head. Some lacing. Absolutely beautiful.

Aroma - Champagne yeast, and light fruitiness.

Flavor - Light sweetness and some yeast. Floral, Sweet, Honey is lightly there, but is diluted by the mead making. Enough residual sugar is left over to keep it sweet and light. There is just a touch of breadiness I can only associate with yeast.

Mouth-feel - Light mouth-feel. High carbonation. Easy drinking.

Overall - Refreshing and light. A nice drink. Would I seek it out? no. Would I drink it again? yes. If I make it again I might try a dry white wine yeast. For a rating I am going to give this a C as my mead baseline. I hope any mead I make is this good or better.

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