Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Experiment: White Peach Golden Sour

I racked my Sanctification/Temptation clone from my 6.5 gallon glass carboy into a 3 gallon glass carboy to free the primary for my 100% Brettanomyces Pale Ale. When I did there was about a gallon or so left over. So I cleaned up a 1 gallon glass jug from my small batch exploits and racked the gallon of leftover beer into the new carboy. I like situations like this, It requires very little extra work, and almost no additional money to try something new. I had just finished reading TMF's post on his white nectarine sour blond and had that on my mind.

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What's Next?

So I asked my girlfriend what we should do with it, and she suggested that we add peaches. So when we went to the store I saw white peaches on sale. I knew I had found the right fruits. I had never had a white peach at the time but I knew that they had been used in sour beers before. When I got home and started to slice up my haul of fruit I tried a piece and knew I had made the right decision. After slicing and pureeing the fruit I froze it overnight. This was in order to make dormant anything that might have been growing on the fruit. The next morning I cut a corner off the bag and squeezed my fruit into my beer. It was like a fruit freezer. I didn't have an airlock there so I affixed a piece of sanitized parchment paper over the top of the jug. This will let the carbon-dioxide out and the oxygen in for a week. After a week I will put a airlock on the beer for a month or so of aging.

My long term plan:

I am hoping to get a case of 375 ML Belgian bottles to cork and cage. We'll see how this goes. I will look to bottle it after a month or so, this should ferment out most of the sugar I just added. I am worried about bottle bombs though, nothing ruins your day like exploding glass, and with the microbes involved I will be extra careful. When it's bottled I will review it out like a separate beer.

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