Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Ginger Rye Munich Saison

Ginger Rye Munich Saison

Appearance: Hazy golden yellow body. Tall rocky white head. Visible effervecent carbonation.

Aroma: Ginger. The nose has a strong spice from the rye and the ginger. Other subtler flavors are over powered in the aroma.

Taste: Spicey: Rye and Ginger. The bready malts and yeasts come through in the flavor as well as a vague sweetness from the malts. If fresh/crispness was a flavor I'd note that as well

Mouth: Dry, Refreshing. The carbonation/spices leave a bit of a tingling on the tounge as the beer flows.

Overall: I'd give this an A- after I try out a few more saison strains I will select one and probably turn this into a 5 gallon brew and put it on tap. When I get sick of it I'll put the remainder in bottles. Derek really liked it, kyle seemed to like it. I am happy.

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