Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Belgian Quadruple w/ Tart Cherries

Belgian Quadruple

Appearance: Red and Hazy, A thick head rises and then falls into a ring, there is no lacing to speak of for how much sugar and tart cherry there are in the beer. I think the fruit really thinned things.

Aroma: Fruit oozes up in the nose. The maltiness is also there but the tart cherries dominate like you would expect them to.

Flavor: Tart Cherries on a malty almost bready backbone. Really a pleasent flavor. The ardennes yeast is apparent as it is in most beers I've made with the yeast. I'd like to try more belgian strains, maybe this fall.

Mouthfeel: Properly Carbonated. Thinned by the fruit addition. Sugar coats my mouth and fills my palate.

Overall: I'd say A-/B+. Derek told me he really enjoyed this beer, sharing it with his girlfriend because there were only 3 bottles made. This was the final bottle and I am a bit sad that it is gone; I would have liked to have shared it with more people, that said I probably won't brew it again for a while, if ever. I'd like more dark fruit in my quadruple. I'll attempt to track down more source material before my next attempt. I have another bottle of Westy 12 aging in my basement. I want to try more quadruples and take tasting notes, compile recipes and try again with real candi sugar.

Tart Cherries: Tart cherries did the trick in this beer. They add to what would have just been a strong malty brew. The cherry flavor doesn't really apply but the tartness and richness of the fruit does show.

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