Monday, November 14, 2011

Ouch: Burned Myself

Well it was bound to happen, an injury. It doesn't take much to make you appreciate when brew days go well. Right after they go poorly and you're ready to pitch this hobby it's important to remember, it happens. I was brewing friday, I got a late start on my triple brew day, about 4 hours later because I hung out with my dad for a while. I love my father so that was totally a good choice. My bad choice came when I still thought I had time to brew three beers and started rushing. Many mistakes wear made from accidently dry hopping the wrong beer and then ultimatly what ended my brew day and sent me to walgreens for a can of burn spray some gause and a wrap.

I was burned by the business end of my wort chiller, steamy superheated water shot out, richoched off my sink, and up onto my hand and neck. Ouch. I was in a lot of pain but still had to finish my beer. I missed taking my grain bag out and ruined a batch of triple as it was boiling with grains in it. For 2.1 pounds of pilsner I was willing to dump it. I finished my dubble and went to the store. I was 3 hours from being done with the belgian brew day, instead it's carried over to tonight.

It's important to remember this is a dangerous hobby and that you have to be careful at all times. This could have been much worse. There are many chemicals used in brewing that can burn your skin, blind you, etc. Hot sugary water is also a concern. As is steam.

Haste makes waste as well, I messed up a beer I brewed to be fruited by dry hopping it, I am going to start over and brew the original beer again rather than just going with it.

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