Saturday, November 5, 2011

Going sour...

To make sour beers you need sour gear. You could try to sanitize your gear while going back and forth, but plastic has a way of soaking up bad germs. They are bad if you want to make "clean beers".

This event gave me the excuse to buy the half inch auto siphon I wanted. I moved my Flanders Red from one carboy to another and this was the point of no return for several pieces of equipment. All of the stoppers and airlocks that I used are marked with red to show they are infected. My old auto siphon is now permanently sour as well.

Part of what I was excited about with transferring the yeast was the chance to harvest some of my yeast cake for a future batch of sour beer.

The point of this post was to remind you what I needed to be reminded of:
Once your plastic goes sour it can't go back.
Harvest some yeast; you can save it for the future.
Get your oak back.

Good luck harvesting some sour yeasts and putting your beer into cold storage.

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