Friday, February 1, 2013

The Final Chapter: California

This will be my last ride to California for beer. Not only after this trip am I going to declare California conquered, but I am hoping to see other places. I'd like to take a vacation in the summer to the pacific north west. I'd love to see the giant redwoods of inland California. I'd love to go to Vermont, Maine, Atlantic Georgia, and even French Belgium. I'd love to vacation with my long time Girlfriend. I can't be doing that when my vacations are tethered to the pickup window of the Bruery.

I haven't brewed much this month because I quite honestly haven't had the time. Visiting My Girl, work, and preparing for this vacation have all been more important. That will change after I return and report on my vacation.

A primer for the vacation. (3.5 Days LA/SD): Look Forward to reports on:

  1. The Bruery
  2. Beachwood BBQ
  3. In N Out Burger
  4. Stone's Calm Before The Storm
  5. Port Brewing
  6. Iron-fist Brewing
  7. Ballast Point Taproom
  8. Ale-smith Brewery
  9. Alpine Brewing
  10. Coronado Brewing
  11. Urge Gastro Pub
And much, much, more.... We fly out of midway tomorrow at 6:30 am local time...

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