Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Hibiscus Pale Ale

Hibiscus Pale Ale

Appearance: Clear and red, deep and dark until you hold it to the light when it reveal its copper body.

Aroma: Hops, bitter American. Palisade wasn't the floral potpourri I was hoping for, the hibiscus isn't apparent in the aroma, maybe a hibiscus dry hop.

Flavor: Bitter and Tart, Good. The balance is off though, the bitterness and the tartness are off. Next time, more hibiscus less bitterness.

Mouth: The mouth-feel is good. Nice prickly carbonation. The beer is smooth and not too thin.

Overall: It's okay. Needs tweaking to be right. I see potential. Hibiscus soda was super tart and cranberry like, the tea I made was very tart, the beer was not. The interplay of hops and tartness from the hibiscus could be a neat interplay in a 'clean' beer because the hibiscus brings the tartness normally contributed by the lacto.

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