Monday, October 24, 2011

Lambic #3 Brewday

As mentioned in my previous post on Lambic Brewing I had a vial of yeast I needed to use.

This featured the same brew schedule as My Other Lambics with a few changed details

The recipe is the same with one deviation. I used Czech Saaz hops which had been warm and set aside for a few months. They smelled hoppy but not really hoppy, not like when they were fresh. This is different then the oven aged hops which had a slightly toasted dried scent. I forgot my large brew bags at my apartment so I was forced to go without.

(read more after the break.)

The brew went great and smelled great as the Saaz hops did what they do. I had a lot of boiling over from the malt extract. I'm not 100% sure what to do about the except adding more water after it hot breaks. Getting the beer out of the hops was a problem, next weekend, brew bags.

Al B's yeast smelled funkiness when I opened it, another great yeast from East Coast Yeast. I'm hoping the unconventional yeast from ECY yields enough of a different flavor that it can blend well with other lambics into a gueze.

I can't wait to taste these at Christmas time to see how they are coming, and then to retire my wine thief to sour only beers. This beer had a very active fermentation, and is still bubbling slowly after a week.

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