Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beer Events - CBS Release

One of the first beers I had that blew my mind was Canadian Breakfast Stout from founders, this was a chance tapping at the founders black party in 2009. I got a taster after having my first black IPA and I was in love. I returned the next weekend and had two glasses, I brought a friend and we both agreed that CBS was without a doubt the best beer we'd ever had. This was an easy statement to make because we hadn't had many great beers prior to that. I know that it might sound silly to non beer geeks but I stalked that beer. I've only missed one chance to have it since that first sip and this weekend founders released bottled of it for the first time. I wasn't going to be denied.

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6:30am on a Saturday. My alarm went off and I rolled out of bed, socks, pants, a coat, and we were in the car. We arrived at 7:05 in the morning after grabbing some burger king and we were the 305th, and 306th people in line. For this line there was one portable toilet and a single garbage can. I am not sure either were provided by Founders, or just happened to be there. It was all of 40 degrees when we started waiting in line. We brought and shared some beers, I had a few sours, and shared some Bruery beers.

You can meet some really nice people at beer events. There are always guys there who share your hobby and wouldn't mind sharing a beer with like minded gentlemen. The line moved fairly smoothly around the building, as we waited some people managed to get quite drunk. One gentleman was absolutly blitzed by 11am, and he was loud talking over everyone near us in line. This happens to some extent at every beer event; my only advice is to avoid them and not to be them.

Success was sweet when we got our beers, and then got into the tap room. I got into the merchandise line because I wanted a t-shirt, and Derek waited in the beer line because we wanted CBS. When we met back up and he handed me a glass of CBS I knew why we'd done this, it was a fantastic beer. There really isn't a beer like it. The contribution of maple syrup to an imperial stout is unique and unquestionable. Is any beer truly worth waiting in line for? maybe not. The payoff for this was a few bottles of beer, a good time with a close friend, and memories. That is worth waiting in line for; or what waiting in line is.

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