Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chicken Bratwurst

It's good to mix things up. In an effort to keep my taste buds guessing and my waistline in check I have made some sausages for summer. These chicken brats were the second meat to pass through my grinder which did not disappoint the second time through.

Chicken Bratwursts aren't the least traditional thing out there. Johnsonville makes them; I haven't seen them in my area. Livestrong has a totally unnecessary article on how to cook them. The Spicy Sausage (A great resource for recipes) even has a recipe. The internet agrees that this is a lighter alternative to pork. After the break I am going to include my recipe and thoughts after trying some chicken brats.

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I wanted authentic bratwurst taste at chicken calories. So I used The Spicy Sausage's Bratwurst #6 as a jumping off point. I combine that with knowledge to attempt to make a good sausage.

The Recipe:
5.0 Lbs Chicken thighs, skinned and boned.
1.0 Lbs Pork fat
0.5 tsp Ground allspice 
1.0 tsp Crushed caraway seeds 
1.0 tsp Dried marjoram 
2.0 tsp Fresh ground black pepper 
2.0 tsp Salt
Stuffed into Hog Casings

Great texture, perfect fattiness, but not enough spices. I gathered the thoughts of three groups of people, My parents, my fiance's parents and myself. I thought they were underspiced and my fiance's parents liked them because they weren't too spicey. I am just trying to decide now how best to proceed. The brats were dynamite to eat, texture wise. The skin was crisp, meat had a nice break to it and chewed well; it was a bratwurst and I made it.

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