Friday, November 9, 2012

Making a Handle

So I needed a handle and I had some ideas. I went shopping and then a friend suggested that he has some ideas. Those ideas looked as good as mine so I went with them. This is the handle I constructed. It works well. If you are making a handle for your MM3- 2.0 Malt Mill please consider my designs.

The pipes on the left were my idea. The piece of stainless on the right was his idea. He used his lathe to machine the key piece of steel. He drilled a half inch hole two inches down the long axis of the piece and a quarter inch hole from the other end to meet it. This allowed the handle to be made and attach to the mill.

(please read more after the break.)

The finishing touch was putting in a set screw to hold the handle on the drive shaft.

This works great and allows my malt mill to be electricity free.

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