Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Quick Flanders Red

Quick Flanders Red

You might remember that this beer was inspired by the quick souring method from Mar/Apr 2011's Zymurgy Magazine. I used the quick souring method presented there to make this sour ale in about three weeks. For Three weeks time the flavors were suprising, but for the style I found the whole thing to lack some of the depth of flavor offered by traditional methods. My sour red wasn't as good as any top tier commercial example. It was good for what it was, but I am hoping that the long soured and blended American Wild Red turns out better.

Appearance: Orangish red with a thin thick white cap. Active carbonation greets me in the glass. Translucent appearance looks good.

Aroma: The aroma is jam-like. Rich bramble fruits greet my nose, no sourness or funk. Other than the Jam there isn't much going on.

Taste: The taste is fruity while cold, the sourness grows as it warms. When it gets closer to room temperature the fruit disappears into a green apple sourness.

Mouth: Prickly from the combination of sourness and carbonation, Light on the tongue. Without the sourness I don't know it would work.

Overall: This seems like an alright technique. I enjoyed the beer, and I would have drank more of it if I was in the mood to drink a sour green apple. I will have to attempt more batches in this manner to be able to issue a full report on the results.

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