Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Citra Hop Pale Review

My Citra Pale Ale

Citra Pale Ale
Appearance: Tall and pale, with a fluffy white head, looked nice. When I held it to the light is was almost white at the edges, it's nearly clear in the tap line, it's very pale. Carbonated with about 17 PSI.

Aroma: Grapefruit, citra hops, and quite pungent. The hop bursting, dry hopping, and back loading paid off.

Flavor: Excellent, smooth hops, nice flavor from the organic 2 row malt shines through, and the touch of caramel malt offers a nice balance to the hops, If I could dial the hop flavor up just a touch I would but at this point I'll take it. The apparent bitterness is not near the 45 IBUs.

Mouth: Nice, the high carbonation for the style is driving this simple sipper. The effervescence is the key to the crisp refreshing feeling. Keeping it light keeps me coming back to the glass.

Overall: I am glad to see more breweries putting citra hopped beers into production because this hop is a winner. My home brew has won me over, we'll see if it continues to do so as it ages in the keg. It'll just be me drinking it for a while until some one comes to visit me.

Rating: if I paid for this I'd rate it a B/B+, it's crisp, nice, and pleasing.

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